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Wenty Finance is founded by Dev Deva to provide mortgage brokering and financial consultancy services for all customers. We specialise in all types of loans including home loans, refinancing and business loans.

We specialise in simplifying the entire process and making the customers achieve their financial goal with little efforts as we take care of all critical aspects of making the application a success.

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Dev is the Founder of Wenty finance and a Home Loan Specialist, who has been helping Australians with their home loans since 2014. Prior to working as a mortgage consultant, Dev was employed by Westpac Consumer Bank for 5 years as a Specialist for Business and Mortgages.
He has worked in multiple banking corporations across the globe and holds over 23 years of lending experience. 

Dev has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Management and a Diploma for Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. By doing so Dev possess extensive knowledge in the financial field as well as experience in multiple aspects of banking and financial services. Dev also holds a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Brokering and a Certificate III in Financial Services.

Dev is a motivated and enthusiastic person whose sole aim is to provide his clients with the most suitable loan tailored to fit each and everyone of them perfectly. His multi-linguistic (English, Tamil and Sinhala) approach to the field not only assists him to further understand his customers but also allows them to express themselves easily.

Dev has helped multiple Australians achieve their dreams and goals throughout the years, by helping them make the right decisions financially and helping them navigate through the confusing and complex world of banking.

Dev enjoys playing badminton & volleyball in his spare time and is involved in various charity organisations.

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